Independent Contractor Program

Our independent contractor program is an excellent opportunity if you own your own truck(s). We offer access to a large pool of trailers including flatbeds, step decks, double drops, perimeters, stretch trailers and steerables. We have a large stable customer base to help keep you moving year round. As an Independent Contractor working with Transport Logistics you are in business for yourself—we just help elevate your business to the next level.

What we offer:

  • In house permit and escort service
  • Access to our large specialized trailer fleet
  • Shop support for trailer repairs
  • A direct contact that will offer loads to you and you can inquire about loads
  • Assistance with truck posting and load searching for back hauls
  • Assistance in helping you attain your own authority
  • Factoring service
  • Pay in net 7 days
  • Full access to 5 terminals
  • Large stable customer base
  • Interested and want to learn more? Call us at 888-207-9275 x1924 or

Independent Contractor Information